Franklin County Fair & Horse Show

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Frankfort, KY 40604



Dear Friend:


It is hard to imagine that it is already time for us to be contacting our friends and supporters to ask for your help with the 2013 Franklin County Fair and Horse Show! The generous support of businesses and the community as a whole is imperative in continuing the growth of this popular event.


I realize it seems early for us to be coming to you, but it is necessary if we are to get our fair catalog into the hands of the public in a timely manner. Please make your commitment as soon as possible.


Forms detailing the following traditional means of support can be found HERE:

1) Fair Catalog Advertising This is an excellent choice for businesses wishing to get their message out to the Franklin County public. The fair catalog is a professionally produced publication that is normally inserted into a Sunday edition of the State Journal and placed in area businesses to ensure wide distribution. Advertising rates and sizes are detailed on the enclosed advertising contract. Special requests will be addressed where possible. This is a convenient way to show your support for the fair. In January, our fair catalog was named first runner-up for best newsprint division catalog. In 2007, the fair catalog was selected as the best in the state for the newsprint division.


2) Event and Class Sponsorships This is a traditional means of support associated primarily with the Horse Shows, MotorSports, Exhibit Hall and other major events. Donations are applied directly to a specific class or event with appropriate recognition given in the fair catalog and at the time of the activity. Enclosed Event Sponsorship forms detail these opportunities.


3) Undesignated A contribution in support of the fair to be applied wherever the need is greatest.

All contributions, no matter how small or large, are important and do make a difference. Without you, your Franklin County Fair & Horse Show would not be possible. The catalog printing deadline is April 30, 2013, and only supporters making that deadline can be assured of being listed in the fair catalog. You may mail the completed enclosed form to the address listed.


It takes hard work and community support to conduct a successful fair. It would be a tremendous boost if we could add you to our list of advertisers/sponsors for the 2013 Fair. The 2013 Franklin County Fair & Horse Show will be held July 15-20 at Lakeview Park.


Thank you for your consideration, and we hope to be able to list you as a recognized contributor to the 2013 Franklin County Fair & Horse Show! If you have any questions about sponsorship or advertising, please contact Donna Gaye, our finance committee chair at 502-223-4106 (home), 502-803-6563 (cell) or If you have other questions concerning the fair, please contact me at 502-223-4106 (home), 502-803-6563 (cell) or visit our website at




Kenneth Hockensmith,












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